What is synthol and why are bodybuilders using it?

Synthol is a site enhancement oil (SEO) meant to create the illusion of a developed muscle. Due to its cosmetics properties the substance is used heavily in bodybuilding, fitness and modeling. Bodybuilders rely on synthol to hide a lagging body part which may not be responding well to training. Synthol is often infected in the muscles of the lower leg (calves), the visible shoulder muscle (deltoids) and the muscles of the upper arms (biceps and triceps). The use of oil to cover a weakness is commonly referred to as “fluffing”.

Our synthol consists of: oil (85%),  alcohol (7.5%).

The oil used in synthol is normally based on medium-length MCT chains, because it’s believed that this gives the best effects. The lidocain in synthol is a local anesthetic designed to reduce the pain commonly associated with site injections, while the alcohol is meant to sterilize the mixture. 

Synthol dosage for bodybuilders.

To properly use synthol oil who will need proper gauges about 25 to 30 (13 to 25mm respectively) long needs. It is recommended that you inject synthol for anywhere from 21 to 30 days. For a guide dosage and application click on on synthol injections done right.

What are some side effects for bodybuilders who use synthol?

When synthol was new to the market it was thought that there were no side effects, however the misuse of this enhancement oil can lead to many different side effects. Some of these side effects are more mild and others are more severe.

Some synthol side effects include things like:

  • injection site infection
  • build up of pus
  • reduce blood supply to the area
  • staph injections
  • muscle explosion
  • loss of limb – if injected into the arm or leg

How much does synthol cost?

The cost of synthol will vary depending on how many bottles of synthol posing oil you purchase. For a more accurate price click SYNTHOL and you will be redirected to our product page.

Synthol posing oil for sale

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